Wifi and Mobile Data

Charlie: Almost every albergue and hotel has wifi although they pronounce it wee-fee (like a small charge). We need wifi to download our pictures and videos.  It takes a minute to download 1-2 seconds of video so we need a good connection. We only get that once in a while.

Often the wifi is weak in the rooms and only good in the common areas. A big day of videos need all night to download so that doesn’t work well for us.

We got voice and data SIMs from Vodafone. Data connections on the Camino are fair to poor. We get a letter on the status bar. H or H+ is great then G, F, E, D, and C. If you get C forget it, nothing will work. We had coffee in a bar that was about 50 feet from a cell tower and we got solid H+ from there with four bars.

You need a data connection for Google maps to work.


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