Why a Second Camino?

Charlie: I hiked five miles with my dog just about every morning for 10 years and I went to the same place each time. It was the same path but the seasons changed, what I saw changed, what I thought about changed. What stayed the same: the joy of hiking in the mountains, the joy of just walking and thinking. I do my best thinking when I am walking.

We enjoyed the Camino: the daily walking, the rhythms, the time for thought, seeing the different towns and regions. So we are doing it again, this time in the fall. The grapes will be ripe. We will walk some parts we skipped in 2013. We will skip some parts we walked in 2013. We are going on from Santiago to the ocean to Finisterre and Muxia. It is called the Costa da Morte although we are hoping to avoid that fate.

See “Our Camino Map” in the “Camino Links” tab for maps of the 2013 walk, the planned 2014 walk and what we have walked so far, we’ll update it as we go.