Explaining Our Way Away

Charlie. It is hard not to be a little defensive about our slow pace. We end up entering into long explanations when asked where we came from that day or when we started, two of the most common questions. We’re comfortable with it but it isn’t a sound bite.

We went 10 miles yesterday but today is only 4 because we wanted to stay in Santo Domingo which we didn’t have much time in last trip. (See, now I’m explaining it to you!) At breakfast an English bloke asked where we were going to today. We looked at each other and laughed and started explaining.


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  1. You should remind anybody who asks that during the heyday of the pilgrimage people took months or even years to do the pilgrimage. They would stay in one place for days, praying at the site of relics… they probably stayed in one place or another for days on end for far more earthly reasons, but those haven’t made the historical literature of the Camino.

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