Birds in the Fall


Wynette. In answering the question about whether we prefer spring or fall on the Camino, I forgot to talk about the birds, or lack of them in the fall. In particular I miss the storks. We see their huge nests, but nary a stork. I also miss the cuckoo calls. I guess the storks and cuckoos are far south of here by now. (Hey, Christy or Vicki, can you confirm?)

Still loving the fall here. The pervasive green in spring was beautiful but we are seeing so many colors now, including green, yellow, red, and gold. And blue sky now that the rain has gone away. Surprising wild flowers, too. We are starting to be in the mountains.



  1. About the storks: I checked it out and found out that more and more storks are staying in Spain all year. Apparently the living is easy.

    • Christy, I think we saw one flying today. I guess the storks are in the air but not in the nests. We saw them walking in the fields in spring but so far not in fall.

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