Bus to Santiago

There are five or six buses a day from Finisterre to Santiago (and as many the other direction). We expected the bus to take the autopista (freeway) but it was a local all the way. Instead of going straight to Santiago it followed the jagged Costa da Morte. There is a town at every inlet with a beach, usually every 5-10 miles. The bus serves the locals who need to go along the coast and to get to Santiago. People could just flag down the bus. The trip took three hours (an hour longer than advertised) but the scenery was interesting the whole way. You see the coast and lots of interesting little towns along the coast.

Waiting for the bus:
2014-10-29 09.30.19

Pilgrims boarding the bus before us:
2014-10-29 09.36.28

Our bus driver had a great face:
2014-10-29 11.00.15

Snapshot from the bus window:
2014-10-29 10.46.37