David from Florida

Post by Wynette: Today we met our first pilgrim from the US. We met David walking out of Llanes and then off and on after that. He would get ahead of us and then go a little out of his way to visit a beach and then we’d get ahead of him. (Not that we haven’t gone out of our way at times but today we didn’t do much of that.) We ended up, all three of us, going a little out of our way to a bar for coffee. David is walking the Camino with someone 20 years younger. He said the younger one goes on ahead and they meet up later. He says that works out well. I joked that he should try what Charlie and I do: have the faster walker carry more than 2/3 our total weight. That keeps us at a more compatible pace. David has been walking 15 to 18 mile days. He started in Santander 5 days ago. Nine days of walking for us.

David did the Camino Portugués two years ago. Same time we did!


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