Naves to Ribadesella, Tuesday, May 8

Post by Wynette: We walked 11.5 miles today. It was easy because there was not too much intense up and down. We started out walking in light fog. It was misting more than raining but we finally stopped under cover of above church to get out our rain coats and pack covers (photo below).

The Camino here took us in the middle of a herd of about 20 cattle with no fence between us and them. The herd included a large bull. I’m glad he was further down the hill and ignoring us and that I hadn’t yet put on my bright red raincoat. I’m guessing the red thing with bulls is a myth but it would have made me very nervous.

We are now cozy in a hotel in pretty little town of Ribadesella. We splurged 10 extra euros to get an ocean view. Beach is just behind our hotel. We plan to stay two days here. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and having the hotel breakfast. Lots of gray rainy days coming up in the weather forecast. I miss the sun but think we have been lucky to have had as many beautiful sunny days as we’ve had up to now.


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