La Isla to Pernús, Friday, May 11

Post by Wynette: We walked 6.3 miles today. We took a bus from Ribadesella to where we left off walking yesterday, then walked to tiny tiny village of Pernús. We are staying in the only non-albergue lodging on a long stretch, at least long for the Camino. It was either (1) stay here, Hotel Rural La Casona del Fraile, or (2) stay in a not-well-recommended albergue, or(3) walk eight more miles, or (4) walk four fewer miles. Our little farm hotel feels very remote. 35 euros for the room. Nothing fancy but clean, and comfortable beds. I like it when we don’t have a lot of choices. It’s easy to get caught up in always trying to find the perfect place to stay.

The internet here is terrible and phone data not much better, so we won’t be able to post any photos today. I hope we’ll be able to upload this text-only post!

No place to get food for lunch here so in the last town we bought milk and fruit to add to the muesli and nuts we already had. Sat on porch in front and had that for lunch. Tonight the owner is making dinner for us here. She was willing to serve it at 7:30 but we could tell she much preferred 8:00 so we said 8:00 would be fine. We are kind of used to the late Spanish eating hours. We usually have big lunch and light dinner but looking forward to reversing that tonight.