Pernús to Villaviciosa, Saturday, April May 12

Post by Wynette: Here is Charlie unlocking front door to our hotel in Villaviciosa (in the rain). No one else around in the hotel lobby or elsewhere. Though now we hear at least one other guest.

We just learned Villaviciosa means town of vices. We plan to stay here two nights so hope we learn more about the history of this little town of 15,000, a relatively big town for the Camino.

We walked 8.1 miles today. A nice walk through farm country. A couple of glimpses of the sea the distance.

Tomorrow we’ll walk to where Camino del Norte and Camino Primitivo meet, just a couple of miles from here, then walk back. Will be interesting walking the Camino backwards! Hope we have some time after that to add more photos, tell more stories.


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