Start Here

Getting there: fly from Albuquerque to New York to London to Milan, train to Pavia

The walk: 232 miles in 31 days, 7.3 miles/day.
Lombardy: Pavia, Belgioioso,Miradolo Terme, Orio Litta — 31 miles, 4 days
Emilia-Romagna: Calendasco, Piacenza, Fidenza, Costa Mezzana, Medesano, Sivizzano, Terenzo, Cassio, Berceto — 53 miles, 8 days
Tuscany: Pontremoli, Villafranca in Lunignana, Aulla, Ponzano Superiore, Sarzana, Luni, Avenza, Massa, Pietrasanta, Camaiore,  Montemagno, Lucca, 79 miles, 10 days
Tuscany:Capannori, Altopascio, San Miniato, Gambassi Terme,San Gimignano,Colle di Val d’Elsa,Monteriggioni, Siena — 75 miles, 10 days

After the walk: we will spend 10 days in an AirBnB in Lucca.

Overview and Maps: check out the “Maps” entry on the top menu bar of the blog. The “Global View” shows the flights and everything. The “EAVF and Lightfoot GPX Paths” shows the walk using the GPX tracks from two guidebooks. The second section has the GPX tracks for each leg of the walk.