Blue House in Lucca

For my blue-loving friends. This house is in Lucca on walk from our airbnb to supermarket. I’m pondering painting a room in my house this color. All the vibrant wall colors in Italy, inside and outside make me want to change our mostly white walls. Will I have the nerve?



  1. Love this blue house- such a nice color. I call that a “cornflower” blue or a kind of “periwinkle.”
    I support you in changing room colors D!
    I also liked that cross- anchored in
    everyday things. I like that.

    • Yes! What a gorgeous color! I think it would look beautiful in your house, you’d be surprised how a shot of color lifts one’s spirits. I still get a smile whenever I walk into my red office. Go for it (or at least start with one wall), you’ll love it.

      Your chromophile friend,

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