Blue House in Lucca

For my blue-loving friends. This house is in Lucca on walk from our airbnb to supermarket. I’m pondering painting a room in my house this color. All the vibrant wall colors in Italy, inside and outside make me want to change our mostly white walls. Will I have the nerve?

Siena, End of the Walk

On Thursday, April 20, we walked into Siena where we ended our walk as planned. We were mostly sad because we weren’t ready to stop walking. We were 3 days ahead of schedule because of days we’d skipped earlier. We considered continuing on past Siena but the next stage was one we probably would have chosen to skip if it had been on our original itinerary because of its difficulty and lack of services and no place to stay in the middle of the 18 miles. 

We had lunch at a nice ristorante on the outskirts of Siena then we walked into the center. Charlie and I had spent a few days in Siena 17 years ago and decided not to spend the night. We looked around for less than an hour and then walked to the train station and headed to Lucca where we are now staying in an airbnb until we head home. 

Below is photo of the walkway we went through to reach the beautiful main piazza in Siena. Siena wasn’t as mobbed as San Gimignano but definitely a lot of tourists. 

Pilgrim Resting

We came across a nice little pilgrim rest area with tables, benches, blister supplies, even a water dish for your dog. It did make us feel welcome. The VF is still lightly traveled but it seems to be growing. Marco, the pizza guy, thought it was growing 10% a year or more.