Post by Wynette: Well, we haven’t had any paella yet.  We are holding out for a place that comes with a good recommendation.  Do you think we should have tried any of these places in Toledo?

I think the person who decided on the following brand name didn’t quite understand nuances around the word “ok”.

We met a couple waiting outside a restaurant, he was from New Jersey but had lived in Spain for 20 years.  She was Spanish.  He said his theory was that a company manufactured these and froze them and the bars all around sold them.  Because we saw LOTS of signs like the 3 above.

Or, how about something we saw in the market, what Charlie calls “shake and bake Paella”:



  1. No, Zina Marina, no bullfights. No flamenco. No Spanish guitar. But, I would have loved to see flamenco and Spanish guitar. And we finally had paella our last night in Spain.

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