Dali’s house

The artists always seem to live in the cool places. Dali lived in Cadaques, actually in the port just over the ridge, a 20 minute walk from Cadaques. He lived there with his wife Gala and lots of other artists who came to Cadaques to hang out with him. He bought some fishermen’s huts and expanded from there. This is the view of it from a boat as you come into the harbor:

Rick Steves said it was the best artist’s house tour he had been on so we took it. Here is the view from the ridge as you walk over from Cadaques:

This entry room had a stuffed bear and a basket of his trade-mark canes:

A cozy fire nook with shrinking chairs:

Views of the bay from most of the house:

The swans who lived in the pool:

were later stuffed:

His studio:

General weirdness:

Colorful decoration and couch we assume his models used:

Art showing his wife Gala with their swan:

Their bedroom:

And amazingly, 3 images of Wynette in Gala’s bathroom mirrors:

Summer dining room:



Cristo de la Basura (Christ of the Trash), that Dali made from an old boat, old roof tiles, cement blocks, and other discarded items, best seen from a viewing platform.


The pool:

By the pool:



  1. Lots of interesting pictures! The summer dining table is unique and appears to be easily served (with the space in the middle).

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