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Charlie: We have developed a pattern for how we eat here. If we’re staying at a nice hotel we usually have their breakfast. They are generally about €8 and very good. Each one is a little different so it is fun to see what they will have.

Otherwise we get cereal, fruit, nuts and milk the day before and have breakfast in our room.

We try to have our big meal in the middle of the day. The Spanish lunch hours work for us here. We walk in the morning and get a hotel and get settled by 2 or 3 and then go out for lunch.

Almost everyplace has a pilgrims menu and it is always about €10 for two courses, dessert, bread and water. They are surprisingly good for being so cheap. They seem to take a lot of pride in their cooking. Almost every meal is very good. Sometimes we feel guilty that we are paying so little.

It is hard on trips having to go out for every meal so we usually have a light dinner in our room. Sometimes we have cereal like breakfast. Other times we get bread, cheese, tomatoes, etc and make a sandwich.

The other thing we eat is bocadillas, that is, sandwiches. This is when we stop for coffee around 11 or 12 and won’t have lunch for a few hours. All the bars make them. Or we might have a bread and cheese snack to hold us until lunch.



  1. Well do I remember those little sandwiches. (boca=mouth or mouthful and dillo=little. They were really good. Your food schedule sounds good to me too.

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