Our Planned Route


See this table for a summary of the towns we plan to go through.

  • The “H” column gives the number of hotels in that town.
  • The towns with “0” hotels will have a pilgrim’s hostal, or albergue.
  • The “km” and “mi” columns give the distance from the town on the previous line to the town on this line.
  • The “Tot” column is the number of miles from Roncesvalles.
  • The “Stay” column show the places we currently plan to stay the night. The distance is the number of miles from the previous night’s stop to this step. The red number of the day of the month (April or May) we will stay there. These are all subject to change.
  • The blue bars and the region in Spain the towns are in.
  • The “Stages” are from Brierley’s excellent Camino guide.

We decided to start in Roncesvalles Spain rather than St. Jean Pied de Port to avoid the strenuous first day over the Pyrenees. We might continue walking after we get to Santiago de Compostela and go on to Finisterre (the end of the earth).

See this map for the towns in a Google map of our trip. The flags indicate places along the way that have places to spend the night.  Red flags are places we plan to stop per the first draft of our itinerary.  (These will probably change.)

See this page for the AccuWeather blocks of 11 towns along the route.


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