Not our hotel

Reviews don’t say whether a hotel has an interesting paint job so we missed out on one again. Our hotel is very nice though. It has a castle motif.

This is also not our hotel.

But it is, despite the looks, a four star parador which Google says goes for 258 Euros a night. It seems to be an old castle. We peeked in the door and it is really nice inside. It’s about a block from our hotel. We were amazed how charming Hondarribia is where we are tonight. We chose tonight’s hotel mainly because it was close to the airport so we didn’t expect a particularly good neighborhood. It turned out to be one of the loveliest places we’ve been to on our trip, complete with ocean. And we can see France right across the bay.

At the Bus Bar, Men Playing Dominoes

Post by Wynette: We went to the Ribadesella bus station bar yesterday to buy tickets for our six hour bus ride back to San Sebastián today. There were four or five different tables of men playing cards and dominoes. Reminded me how after my granddad retired from dairy farming he used to play dominoes with his friends down at the filling station in Dora, NM.


A few years ago some Spanish company had an ad campaign that included large metal cut-outs of bulls on the crest of hills. They are still all over Spain. On our other trips to Spain we probably saw 4-5 of the signs, at least. They looked a lot like this (real) one. There was no fence between us, this was one of those walks on a headland.