Mezquita Redux

Charlie: Actually Christy and I had visited the Mezquita on our trip to Europe in 1969, a mere 46 years ago. I remember being much more impressed with it then than I was this time. Things are more amazing when you are 21. We took a taxi, but I am sure that I would have enjoyed observing present-day Cordoba on a walk from the train station to the Mezquita more than I enjoyed touring the Mezquita a second time. This feeling is not about the merits of the Mezquita or how anyone else should plan their travel but about how Wynette and I like to travel these days.

I did enjoy exploring the panorama:


and spherical:


modes on my camera. The spherical one looks great on the phone with the right software to display it.



  1. I’ve had the same experience (elsewhere). The first time is the most magical. Will see if it happens today when I go to the Swoyambhunath temple today.

    • Just to clarify: I visited this temple last time I was in Kathmandu. I’m curious to see the effects of a big restoration done five years ago, and the damage done by the big April earthquake.

  2. Wow, Henry, you are posting from Kathmandu! Let us know about your experience with the temple.

  3. my experience was different with Paris — odd — much more stunning the second time 46 yrs later…

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