Attic Room in La Rosa del Agua


Charlie and Wynette. We had this interesting room in the casa rural La Rosa de Agua in El Acebo. It was the biggest room we have had.


As you can see we spread out. Hard to believe that all fits in two packs.


Casa rurals usually provide a kitchen. In this one Wynette made tea, something she has been missing.


This is a place we stayed last time. We stayed two days then because Charlie was sick. We loved staying here again. The room and kitchen are pretty and comfortable and the young couple who run it are so hard-working and kind. They have a little tienda downstairs. We bought bread and cheese and tomato for a sandwich for dinner. She gave us an onion she had and also squirted our bread with olive oil when she cut it for us. La Rosa del Agua is in the mountain village of El Acebo. Beautiful views from the window and garden.



  1. You’ve stayed at several places for a second time. You’ve obviously remembered them, but have the proprietors remembered you? With as many pilgrims as they see, you wouldn’t really expect them to remember you, but you never know.

    • To our surprise, the young couple at La Rosa del Agua did remember us. When he picked us up in Manjarin, I mentioned that we had stayed with them two years ago and he said he remembered us. Maybe we stood out because we had stayed two days last time, unusual for pilgrims. I don’t think any one else has remembered us. We just counted that we have stayed in 9 repeat places, out of 36. I think the German woman who ran the hotel in Moratinos with her Spanish husband would have remembered us but she was strangely missing. And the Spanish man had a new baby. And a rather young Spanish woman checked us in. So we are worried the German/Spanish couple broke up and she went back to Germany, but we didn’t have the nerve to ask.

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