1. I’ll pack several things into this comment… otherwise I’d have to leave four.

    First: Charlie seems to be getting quite a beard. Will he keep it? Does Wynette like it? (Moira made me turn mine into a goatee a number of years ago.)

    Second: One of the few things I don’t like to hike on is beaches. The constant sinking in really distorts my natural pace and really slows me down. Maybe if it is hard-packed enough….

    Third: The Picos de Europa. WOW!! Snow covered even at this late date. I’m jealous.

    Fourth: May 1 is a holiday all over Europe. In the west it is their version of our “Labor Day.” In the east it used to be a time for military parades. Not sure what it has evolved into there. I suspect “Labor Day” as we know it.

    • I agree that walking on sand can be hard but these broad beaches have a large area of hard packed sand which is perfect for walking. The hard part is the walking up when leaving the beach where you have to walk on soft sand. It always makes me think of the old Sean Connery movie “the hill”.

    • Wynette here. I think Charlie looks nice in his beard. I don’t like how prickly it is the first week or so but it gets softer. Charlie has grown a beard every Camino but he ends up shaving it shortly after we get home.

    • I read a news article yesterday that this is International Workers Day. Lots of demonstrations around the world including in Asia. We have seen demonstrations and strikes on previous trips in Spain but nothing on this trip. Wynette

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