Small getaway house

This place was a little mysterious. On a small road. A tiny house but with utilities. Well kept up. Great ocean views. Mowed yard. We decided it was a tiny vacation home.

Minimalist playground

Even the small villages have a town plaza, i.e. town “square” (same shape as Times Square). I suppose the kids would get bored with this in a short time.

Mystery court

We saw this court a few days ago by our hotel. It had small stands (3 rows) on three sides. Yesterday we saw another one, this one a little worse for wear. We can’t figure out what game they might… Continue Reading

Zero Mile Day

Post by Wynette: We are spending a luxurious day off in San Vicente de la Barquera. We had important business to take care of: 1) laundry and 2) buy a phone charger (Charlie’s stopped working), 3) relax. We love the… Continue Reading