Zero Mile Day

Post by Wynette: We are spending a luxurious day off in San Vicente de la Barquera. We had important business to take care of: 1) laundry and 2) buy a phone charger (Charlie’s stopped working), 3) relax.

We love the self-service laundries in Spain. You can usually find them in towns with a population of a few thousand. Soap is included and added automatically so that is convenient.

We found a decent phone charger at the China store. Just about every town of any size has a China store. They are run by immigrants from China and usually don’t close for siesta. They sell a little bit of everything (un poco de todo, I couldn’t resist saying that, I love to say that in Spanish).

We are sitting in the bar where we had breakfast. They have good coffee and wifi. Such a luxury to get to come back to a place that you like.


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