Pendueles to Llanes, Saturday, May 5

Post by Wynette: We walked 9.7 miles today. Lots of steep up and down. I’m pretty beat. After we got here we had lunch down the street, then rested a bit, and then walked around Llanes, a very pretty little seaside town.

We really enjoyed lunch. Photo shows first course dishes (1) ensalada mixta and (2) black beans and rice with sausages. The waiter said the beans and rice is a typical Asturian dish and people say the rice and beans represent the Christians and the Moors (two important cultures in Spanish history) .

We have a great hotel room. When we checked in we told them that we are seriously considering staying two nights but were not sure. We think that is why we have such a nice room. A suite actually. All for 55 euros. But … there’s gotta be a but … the internet is roto. Broken. They aren’t sure when it will be fixed. Tomorrow is Sunday so we are not hopeful. Can we go two days without wifi? The main problem is uploading our photos. But right now, we think we’ll stay here another day and try to find a bar we can hang out in that has good wifi for our photos. Actually, it’s been several days since we’ve had remotely decent wifi so we are not optimistic we’ll find anything. In the meantime we can use our phone data for simple blog posts (with not too many photos) and email. I think we’ll survive.